76 Assessment, Evidence-Guided Practice, and Practice Evaluation Goal 4: Develop Beginning Understanding of Sexual Abuse +3: Tanisha understands sexual abuse, its impact on her, its connection to her stress, and the need for continued counseling. +2: Tanisha understands sexual abuse and has a beginning understanding of its connection to stress and the need for continued counseling. +1: Tanisha has a beginning understanding of sexual abuse. 0/–1: Tanisha does not understand sexual abuse and its connection to her current stress or the need for her to continue counseling. This sort of case lends itself to the various ways that workers can assess their impact. It also reveals how workers can tweak the outcome measures to suit the tasks and goals associated with their work. Instructors can use this case or one like it to illustrate to students that they can employ more than one way to assess their effectiveness. Given the variety of settings in which students practice, the instructor can use other cases that lend themselves to one specific approach (or do not). For example, in a short-term setting in which students engage primarily in case management, task achievement scaling is likely to be the most helpful way to assess effectiveness.
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