50 Culturally Competent and Diversity-Sensitive Practice and Cultural Humility understand the Euro/American-centric worldview that predominates in the United States and emphasizes “rugged individualism.” These views have become so ingrained that students—and many of us—are unaware of the ways in which they influence views of self and others, right and wrong, just and unjust, should and shouldn’t, and so on. It is important that students acknowledge and respect diversity that exists within groups that share similar identities. However, they also should be sensi- tive to the characteristics and ways of viewing the self and others that members of these groups may share. Race, Ethnicity, and Religion Characteristics of an Afrocentric worldview may Value the collective over the individual, kinship bonds, spirituality, and emo- tional/affective knowledge and expression Mistrust dominant “white” social institutions due to slavery and institutional and structural racism Adhere to fixed gender roles Characteristics of individuals who identify with a Latinx/Hispanic heritage may Value family and community over the individual, and cooperation over competition Take pride in their heritage—usually tied to their specific country of origin Respect elders and those in authority Mistrust the dominant culture due to experiences with oppression and human rights violations, particularly among those who are in the United States illegally Adhere to fixed gender roles in which men are accorded greater authority Asian culture is an umbrella term that includes distinct groups, and indi- viduals are more likely to identify with a specific culture or country of origin. Shared beliefs among the various groups may include Valuing the collective over the individual Respect for elders and the wisdom they possess Religious and spiritual beliefs that emphasize the interdependence of mind, body, and the physical world A desire to avoid bringing shame upon oneself or one’s family, leading to a reluctance to reveal one’s problems to others
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