134 Helping Group Members with Maladaptive Communication the group minimize or deny having any problem with substance abuse). Alex, 32, spends a good bit of time in this session ridiculing other mem- bers, particularly Adam, 48. Alex is very high-functioning but had a psychotic episode, during which he ran in front of a car, as a result of cocaine and alcohol intoxication. This is his first admission. Adam has had a number of prior admissions, all the result of suicidal ideation he is withdrawn and speaks hesitantly and slowly, with a slight lisp. Members’ response to Alex’s actions has been laughing and joking. Ask each group to address the following three questions: First, What roles do Jack, Sylvia, Alex, and Adam play in their respective groups? Second, Why do the roles exist in each group? And third, As the worker, how would you handle the situation? With this final question, have each group enact the role of the “worker,” employing skills identified in the chapter.
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