CHAPTER 11 HELPING GROUP MEMBERS WITH MALADAPTIVE COMMUNICATION AND RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS M utual aid is the primary rationale for the development of group services. Maladaptive processes that create stress for mem- bers may emerge at different points in a group’s life course. When they surface, the group becomes blocked from serving as a system of mutual aid and members’ efforts to work on agreed-upon life stressors and tasks are undermined. Summary of Content 1. Importance of Mutual Aid Groups universalize individual concerns, reduce isolation, and mitigate stigma. As members develop a sense of purpose and commonality, they begin to share experiences and concerns. Safe (or at least less threatening) issues often are raised first to test the worker’s and other members’ genuineness and trustworthiness. 2. Phases of Group Development Groups go through phases of development, particularly when they exist over time. Initially, the group members may challenge the worker’s authority,
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