Overview of the Teacher’s Guide 1 Educational Philosophy, Concepts, Methods, and Skills in Teaching The Life Model of Social Work Practice 2 Relevant EPAS Competencies 20 PART I: HISTORY OF THE SOCIAL WORK PROFESSION, THE DEVELOPMENT OF ITS VALUE, ETHICS, AND KNOWLEDGE BASE, AND THE THEORETICAL FOUNDATION OF THE ECOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE AND THE LIFE MODEL OF PRACTICE 1. Social Work Practice and Its Historical Traditions 27 2. The Ecological Perspective 32 3. The Life Model of Social Work Practice: An Overview 38 4. Culturally Competent and Diversity-Sensitive Practice and Cultural Humility 49 5. Assessment, Evidence-Guided Practice, and Practice Evaluation 60 PART II: THE HELPING PROCESS IN LIFE-MODELED PRACTICE 6. Preparation: Settings, Modalities, Methods, and Skills 79 7. Beginnings: Settings, Modalities, Methods, and Skills 89 8. Helping Individuals, Families, and Groups with Stressful Life Transitions and Traumatic Events 98 CONTENTS
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