Educational Philosophy, Concepts, Methods, and Skills in Teaching 19 to construct a genogram. Therefore, we usually rely upon a “canned” case— usually one of our own—as the basis for developing a genogram. Alternatively, an instructor can require students to develop a genogram of their own family of origin and/or creation. Force-field analysis. We provide instructions for constructing a force-field analysis and an example of it in chapter 15. This visual representation assists students in understanding the factors that influence organizational behavior and must be taken into consideration when engaging in organizational change. As with ecomaps and genograms, students’ understanding of the concepts embedded in the analysis is enhanced when the instructor and class create a force-field analysis together. We have found that using our students’ field agen- cies is the most educational way to develop the analysis. It also can be helpful to compare and contrast two agencies, which provides students with a deeper understanding of the concepts that the force-field analysis depicts.
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