CHAPTER 3 THE LIFE MODEL OF SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE An Overview Summary of Content 1. Purpose The purpose of life-modeled practice is to improve the level of fit between individuals, families, groups, and communities and their environments. Over the life course, all people confront life stressors in three interrelated aspects of living: (1) difficult life transitions and traumatic events, (2) environmental pres- sures, and (3) maladaptive interpersonal processes in families and groups and between workers and clients. The social worker helps clients mobilize and draw on personal resources and seeks to improve the responsiveness of social and environmental resources and forces. The purpose of life-modeled practice also includes taking professional responsibility for mobilizing community resources to improve community life, working to influence unresponsive organizations to develop responsive policies and services, and working to influence local, state, and federal legislation and regulations to support social justice. 2. Ethical Practice Life-modeled practice is grounded in and consistent with the social work pro- fession’s Code of Ethics. We remind students that this code is suggestive in
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