CHAPTER 16 INFLUENCING LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS, AND ELECTORAL POLITICS C ontemporary life-modeled practice actively embraces the com- mitment to a just society through the participation of practi- tioners in policy practice, which seeks to improve opportunities and resources for those living in poverty, as well as other vulnerable and mar- ginalized populations, by advocating for more effective legislative and regula- tory responses to human needs. Summary of Content 1. The Nature of Policy Practice We assert that social work practice is policy practice. Clients’ lives are always influenced—in both positive and negative ways—by legislative policies and regulations that govern access to resources and provide protections to consum- ers, citizens, vulnerable constituencies, and the environment. Consistent with our presentation of the material in chapters 14 and 15, our emphasis is on how social workers engaged in direct practice with clients also can engage in efforts that promote social, economic, and environmental justice and improve the quality of life for clients and constituents.
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