174 Notes 9. Helping Individuals, Families, and Groups with Environmental Stressors 1. Assessment of organizations is addressed again in chapter 15, and communities in chapter 14. 11. Helping Group Members with Maladaptive Communication and Relationship Patterns 1. Numerous examples exist in the public domain. 101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills, a manual available in the public domain, teaches social skills to children, providing a number of different activities for facilitators to use (available at https://healthiersfexcel .org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/101-Ways-to-Teach-Children-Social-Skills.pdf). We have used two manuals that are available for purchase. A very good one for chil- dren which the second coauthor actually has used in practice, Drawing out Feelings by Marge Heegard, provides curricula for four groups of children experiencing loss and is available from various online retailers. Seeking Safety by Lisa Najavits (https://www .treatment-innovations.org/seeking-safety.html) is a widely used, evidence-guided manual designed for clients with substance abuse problems and dealing with trauma, but it can be readily adapted for other populations. Appendix. Process Recording Form 1. Used with permission from the baccalaureate social work program at the School of Social Work, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
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